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We are a network of concerned commuters, looking out for each other's safety.
Started off as The Safe N2 Project, this initiative has grown within a year with more than 8,000 registered members and now also covering all major freeways in the Western Cape, these roads include N2, N1, R300, M5, M3, etc.

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What we do...

We have established a movement and created a platform that is daily growing from strength to strength. Our strength lies within our members united for one single cause, and that is striving towards saver traveling experiences on our roads. The more eyes and ears we have on the roads the stronger all of us become. We gather information from various sources and relationships built up over the last year and broadcast real-time updates back into the network. These broadcasts keeps our members updated and informed on conditions of the roads. Broadcasts will include, major traffic delays, protesting, fires, motor vehicle and any other crashes, roadworks, bricks or objects in the road, etc.
In our on-line User Access Area all our updates can be found for your perusal at any time when you are ready to travel on the freeways. We also have a very unique way of displaying the cameras provided by FMS along all major freeways in the Western Cape that will give you real-time images of the current conditions of the roads.
Your minimal monthly membership fee helps us run a dedicated control centre where we have an operator whose specific task is to keep an eye on the conditions of the roads, gather and validate all information from different sources and report relevent information to our network of road users.
We will call on emergency services who can respond should you find yourself stuck, or want to report of someone else stranded next to the freeway and needs help. We can facilitate and assist in getting these authorities or emergency services out to help.

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