Gauteng Riots - July 2017

Riots have been progressively getting worse in Gauteng in all areas. Posted by SOTERIA News Network on 2017-07-11 12:20:20

We recommend avoiding #Diepsloot & surrounding roads & highways. Although the situation is calmer today, it remains volatile. This footage shows LEOs firing teargas & riot control rounds to disperse riot as well as protestors casually burning tyres in the road - causing expensive damage to tarmac surface. Violent protests have been ongoing since last week. Protestors are throwing rocks at vehicles & are blocking roads & highways with burning tyres, bonfires & debris. Rioters have been stoning motorists & blocking the N14, R511, the R114 as well as Mnandi Rd. Last night the protestors went door to door in Diepsloot & warned people that if they do not join in the protests or if they go to work, they will be murdered. Residents are protesting over lack of electricity & water. This comes after Diepsloot was without water for 4 days. Sadly the damage they are doing to the surrounding roads & infrastructure will be detrimental to the advancement of the Diepsloot community infrastructure. It would carry more logic if they protested at the relevant government offices than in their own communities. It is estimated that there are over 500 000 foreign nationals living in Diepsloot, many from Zimbabwe, but also from other African failed states such as Malawi & Mozambique. GP, JOHANNESBURG/ RANDBURG
Source: Facebook Post - CICA

N3 North blocked at London
Source: Public Servant News Network Johannesburg

N3 north blocked at London.
Source: Public Servant News Network Johannesburg

Source: Freeway Management System Gauteng

R59 Route: protesting again on the R59 please lookout. Moving to Boksburg.
Source: Public Servant News Network Johannesburg

Source: Public Servant News Network Johannesburg
Boksburg 09:39 11.07.2017

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